2020 Hidden Gift Inside - Christmas Dumpster Fire Funny Candle

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🔥A Dumpster Fire Candle Is The Perfect Accessory To Sum Up 2020🎄

Let's face it 2020 will go down in the history books as a DUMPSTER FIRE OF A YEAR, or maybe THE DUMPSTER FIRE OF A YEAR. Instead of wallowing in fatigue of the endless days of binge-watching TV and not leaving your house, why not commemorate it by burning it all down? 

How does it work? 

  • Place the candle on a plate or aluminum foil to collect melted wax. We wouldn’t want anything else to go awry this year. Light both wicks at the same time. Watch your hopes and dreams go up in flames.
  • Melt to REVEAL steel 2020 inside! Unlike 2020, this will not take an eternity to end. The candle has a total burn time of 30-40 hours, but as it burns you will slowly see the metal frame revealed inside.

  • You normally catch your first glimpse of the frame after 15 hours. At about 30 hours you will see the entire metal frame. After you’ve had your fun burning the dumpster to the ground, you can collect your 2020 metal keepsake.


  • HIGH-QUALITY PARAFFIN WAX | The wax burns slowly reveal the internal skeleton of 2020 made of beautifully polished Stainless Steel.

  • UNSCENTED | We originally added the scent of 2020, but it was too horrid to breathe so we decided to make our candle unscented.

  • BURN TIME | 40-50 HOURS | The 2020 Hidden Gift Inside - Christmas Dumpster Fire Funny Candle burns like it won't end, basically like 2020.

  • DIMENSIONS | 5" wide x 3.4" deep x 3" tall | About the size of a coffee mug laying on its side...after you've spilled it all over your keyboard.

  • FUNNY OR SAD? | Can't it be either? This is the ultimate piece of home decor, perfect for yourself or as a gift. Wouldn't it look great in the background of your next conference call? Don't burn it, burn it halfway, or burn it all to the ground!

  • KEEPSAKE AFTER BURNT | Once you're done with the candle, it keeps on giving. The polished, handcrafted 2020 stainless steel interior is something you can keep for the ages. What a great way to show your future grandkids you survived!


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