Easy Whiten Nail Treatment Pen

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Nail polish leaves "ugly" YELLOW STAIN behindūüė™

  • 30 seconds per use¬†to make ridges & stain on nails disappeared
  • Gently and comfortably treatment¬†protects your nail from fungus
  • Get rid of these¬†embarrassing and¬†contagious¬†fungal nails.¬†This eliminator helps¬†return your nails to healthy, strong, and beautiful!¬†¬†
  • This herbal remedy has been¬†refined with this easy to use applicator pen, regaining¬†elasticity, and natural shine¬†of brittle and fragile nails!


  • Effectively remove "nasty" stains:¬†Nail polish looks nice, but your nails need to breathe, constant use of polish, even nontoxic polish,¬†can weaken the nail,¬†it can also cause fungus.¬†Easy Whiten Nail Treatment Pen¬†a simple & easily treatment for your "nasty" yellow stains
  • Fast And Effective Treatment:¬†Kills fungus and eliminates fungal infections, rashes, redness, and irritation.¬†Accelerates the growth of new nails and nourishes nail beds.
  • Restores And Protects:¬†Film-forming technology¬†repairs and protects your nails. It inhibits skin fungus and inflammation.
  • Eliminates Bad Odor:¬†Removes odor caused by the fungal build-up of the affected nails.
  • Safe And Gentle Herbal Ingredients:¬†natural biological ingredients¬†can make fragile nails become strong and accelerate the healthy growth of nails
  • Easy to Use Applicator:¬†Unique Nail Penetrating Formula


  • Step 1) Clean the feet with warm water and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Step 2) Shake the bottle and brush an even coat onto the affected area
  • Step 3) Allow the herbal remedy to act on your nails for 30 minutes before touching.
  • Step 4) Reapply twice per day, once before bed, for maximum results.


    • Main Ingredients: Glycerin, Wheat Protein, Angelica Extract
    • External use only


    • 1 x¬†Easy Whiten Nail Treatment Pen
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