High-quality Natural Catappa Leaves

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There has been an amazing trend in the aquarium world of late; a trend towards incorporating natural materials in our aquascapes, encouraging us to try new concepts, new approaches, and new and exciting aesthetics.

It all starts with the Catappa leaf.

Yeah, the "vector" for the "New Botanical" movement of the hobby is the humble leaf that's hardly unknown to the hobby. Derived from the Terminalia catappa tree, this beautiful leaf has been used in aquariums for some time, particularly, by Betta enthusiasts in Asia, for its purported antifungal and antibacterial benefits. And, current scientific research has proven this to be true. In addition, humic substances, derived from Catappa and other leaves, have been shown to provide a host of health benefits for tropical fishes. Only recently are aquarists discovering and experimenting with the many possible aesthetic applications for them as well.


Many fishes (particularly South American fishes like Tetras, Cichlids, and catfishes), as well as numerous African and Southeast Asian species (Gouramis, Bettas, etc.), benefit from the tannic acids and other substances released by these products into the water. 

The "generally accepted" quantity for Catappa leaves is subjective, at best- typically like 1-2 large leaves (approximately 5" plus) for every 15 gallons (approximately) of tank capacity, or several smaller ones for the same tank volume. And of course, like so many things in this hobby, if you ask 10 aquarists you'll probably receive 10 different answers!


  • 20PCS/58g Natural Terminalia Catappa Leaves
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